TT 105

Single line telephone (via Land Line) Use Computer & Telephone with one headset. Compact size for more work space. Mute control and Indicator. Volume controller for input and output. Hands free headset.

Products Details

Product Name : Trigtone TT 105
Model : TT 105
Warranty Period : 1 years
Price : Not Specified


1. 2SIP Lines with HD Voice
2. 2.4"(320x240) color -screen LCD
3. Easy installation and configuration
4. Smart and friendly user interface
5. Secure and complete provisioning propocols
6. Highinteroperability - Compatible with major platforms:Broadsoft ,Elastix,Asterisk,Xorcom ect.

Technical Specification

1. Caller-ID Headset Telephone
2. Easy to Install
3. Compact size for more work space
4. LED indicator
5.Port for External Recorder
6.Microphone and speaker Volume controller
7.Download Datasheet

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